Question for de FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

No, this is not allowed. But you can get food in one of or cafes or restaurant

You can buy your ticket directly by the entrance, Kids fun parc app or you can buy it on our website. If you buy your ticket only you even get 25% sale of your entrance ticket. 

Yes, you can buy this on traveloka,, kids fun parc app and of course our website.

No, If you bought your ticket it is not possible anymore to exchange or return you ticket.

Yes, you can pay with debit or credit card. 

Yes, you can do this with OVO or Gopay.

If the group is bigger than 25 people, you can call with one of the employers to look at the possibilities we can give you. You can reach us at 0274 435 34 35/0815 8527 8961

We offer wheelchairs to guests with disabilities, we have friendly toilets and a easy entrance for guests with disabilities.

You can find us in Yogyakarta at wonosari street. 

Car, Gojek or grab: you can put our location in de navigation to find us. Our address is: Kids Fun Park Jl Wonosari Km 10 Piyungan Sitimulyo Bantul

Train: the nearest by train station is: Stasiun Maguwo. From here you can order a Gojek or grab.

Go to and go to "career" here are standing al or jobs we can offer you. Download or form, after you filled it in you can send it to:

Don’t worry we provide a large parking area in de front of Kids Fun for you car and motorbike.

Yes, you can rent a costume. We have various princess and prince costumes at Kids Fun Kingdom. There you can rent them and we will catch this moment with a camera. So that you can choose afterward pick the best picture.

Yes, we have 3 different annual cards. 

We have the Annual card so you can go to kids fun for a hole year for free. You get free admission to the playground and the swimming pool at kids fun, you get 10% discount on flying fox, wall climbing and your purchase or a product of F&B. if that was not enough you also get 50% discount for face painting. You also get discount at Kids Fun various merchandise. 

Register yourself as a VIP Member Yogya Gokart. You get Free admission to the Kids Fun, 25% off the purchase of tickets except mini race Kart, discounts at various merchandise of Kids Fun, periodic information for Promo and karting events via SMS and WA, can follow Members Race held regularly. Card is valid for 1 year.

We also have the Yogya Gokart annual card. With this card you get the benefits of VIP members Yogya Gokart and annual card in one card.

Yes, we have a few birthday package. We have Kids fun birthday party, grand prix birthday party and birthday party in k-fun café in the Galeria mall. If you want more information about this subject don’t hesitate to contact us: 0274-4353435/081585278961

We have a very varied offer with types of packages. You can choose between: Team building Gokart package, gathering package, outbound, yearend package, birthday package, swimming extracurricular, behind the scene package etc... if you have questions about one of our packages, don’t hesitate to contact us on: 0274-4353435/081585278961

Every month we have new promos. You can check the promos at our site: and go to "promo".

Yes, we have a lactation room and a clinic

Kids Fun operational hours:

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00 WIB

Saturday, Sunday & National Holidays/High Season: 08:00 - 18:00 WIB

Yogya Gokart operational hours:

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 21:00 WIB

Saturday, Sunday & National Holidays/High Season: 08:00 - 22:00 WIB

Monday - Thursday IDR 95,000

Friday IDR 85,000 

Saturday, Sunday & National Holiday/High Season IDR 105,000

Aqua Splash ticket price of IDR 25,000

Monday - Thursday IDR 105,000

Friday IDR 95,000 

Saturday, Sunday & National Holiday/High Season IDR 120,000

Yes, we have a few shows that all free to watch or join.

Operet bajak laut: Saturday at 12:00 pm and Sunday at 11:00 am

Drama musical: every weekend and on national holidays at 2:00 pm

Dino Show: Saturday and Sunday at 10 am and 1 pm

Creation and cooking class: every Sunday and on national holidays at 12:00 pm.

- Musical drama

- Gokart

- costume characters

- souvenirs

- restaurant

- kiosk 

- zyclon coaster

- Jurassic parc

- Rope play