Kids Fun has a few stalls that are:
1. Ice Cream Shop
This stall has a unique shape resembling the shape of an ice cream. There are various kinds of ice cream that can be enjoyed, ranging from ice cream cones to gelato.
2. Fresh Juice Stall
Imagine eating fresh fruit in the form of fresh juice during the day, of course, very delicious.
3. corn and chicken grilled shashlik stall
Corn and delicious baked chicken shashlik immediately and can be enjoyed while still warm.
4. Pop Corn Stall 
Pop Corn is perfect to be enjoyed while relaxing and waiting for your son - or your daughter who play. Enjoy delicious Pop Corn for an affordable price.
5. Cutton Candy Stall
At this stall you can enjoy sweet and tasty cutton candy. Cutton candy is made from sugar candy with original choice without the addition of artificial sweeteners.
6. Sausage Stall and Potato fuel Spiral Stall
Enjoy a selection of sausages baked with a special seasoning and spiral cut potato and fried in the right temperature and feel it’s crispy in your mouth.
7.  Face Painting Stall
These stall are presented for you who want to appear like a princess in a fairy tale with funny pictures on your face. There are so many choices that you can choose the pictures according to your wishes. There are various superhero, princess, butterflies , flower, funny cartoons and many more. You will definitely appear more beautiful.,, And ...after completion you can also photograph your face and print it out  in media tablets such as mugs or T-shirts. It is iintriguing, isn’t it?